WinDev 14 startup error

Startbeitrag von David Martin am 12.06.2009 15:00

Sometimes when I start WinDev 14 I get the below error, when I click on Retry it continues and starts up fine. WinDev 11 & 12 still start up fine.

Anyone else having this happen?




Tris problem comes from Openoffice,i had that problem with WD 12. Deinstall
The OpenOffice and try again.

von Novi Njagojevic - am 12.06.2009 18:33
Thanks for the reply.

I heard back from PC Soft support a little while ago and they said the same thing.

They suggested I disable the spell checking and try.

My spell checking was already disabled. So I tried it with it enabled ... no difference.

Uninstalling Open Office is not an option ... it is a program I need for working with some customers.

It is interesting that you had this problem with v12 ... because I have not ... and I don't have spell check disabled in v12.

von David Martin - am 12.06.2009 18:39
Maybe the problem is in the quick launch icon for the OpenOffice in the taskbar,try to disable the quick launch icon.

von Novica Njagojevic - am 12.06.2009 18:46
I was thinking just the opposite. I don't have quick launch enabled and thought maybe that is why it was timing out...

Haven't tried enabling yet and rebooting ... I will ...

von David Martin - am 12.06.2009 19:01
Ok, using WinDev 14 & OpenOffice 3.1:

With OpenOffice Quickstart loaded it starts fine ... without it loaded WinDev gives the error the first time it is started after a system restart. Further startups are fine.

In my installation, WinDev 12 starts fine with or without Quickstart.

The "Disable the spelling checker" option is checked in v14 but not in v12.

This was NOT exhaustive testing so ... your mileage may vary :)

von David Martin - am 12.06.2009 21:41
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