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Row select preview.... V14 is this a bug

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 13.06.2009 08:07

I converted a V12 project in to V14 and have added the bellow line in a table row select and get the following error.

The same code is also on other places and does not give a error. However that code has been there in version 12 already


Any idea why this happens?

Error at line 1 of Row Selection of Table_staff process.
[] operator called on Table_staff control.
Invalid subscript: [0].
Values must be included between 1 and 8 (inclusive).


Technical Information

Dump error of module .

- WL Call:
Processing , line , thread

- Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

- Error Code: 10038

- WD55 Error Code: 0

- No system error code

- No system error message

- What happened?
[] operator called on Table_staff control.
Invalid subscript: [0].
Values must be included between 1 and 8 (inclusive).

- No debug information

- Attached Information:
Row Selection of Table_staff (WIN_Table_staff3.Table_staff), line 1

EIT_DATEHEURE : 13/06/2009 10:04:55

- Identifier in .err: 10038


Hi Hans,

Normally, if no row is selected the table value is -1. I have not seen 0 yet, perhaps this is new in v14?
However, it's best practice to always test the subscript:
if Table_Staff>0 then 

von Piet van Zanten - am 13.06.2009 09:21
Hi Piet
thanks for your info. The problem is still there, I wil check if it is due to some other reason...
Thanks and have a good weekend!

von Hans60 - am 13.06.2009 11:03
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