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Analysis is Read-Only message

Startbeitrag von John Rushing.pcs.crosspost am 15.06.2009 07:02


I am relatively new to WinDev and have written an application that uses a Windows app, Mobile apps (windev mobile) and web app (webdev). The apps were originally written in Version 12, but I have updated them all to version 14. I also purchased a new development station around the same time and moved all my app environments over to the new workstation.

Now, when I open WinDev 14 to do anything with the windows app, it tells me that the Analysis is Read-only. This does not happen on my laptop which has also been updated to Version 14. The analysis is shared with the WinDev Mobile 14 application which resides on the same system (just as it does on my laptop).

Does anyone know how to get around this issue?

many thanks,

John Rushing

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Hi John, you propably 'moved' the applications using a DVD/CD medium. Copying back from that type of media makes everything read-only. Just right-click the directories and change attribute from read-only to read/write. Regards, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 15.06.2009 08:43
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