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HF C/S switching to HF Classic

Startbeitrag von Zeljko.pcs.crosspost am 16.06.2009 07:09

A few months ago I have switched my database from classic to client/server, installed a server and everything is working fine. But, recently I copied the complete project directory in order to switch back the database into HF classic.
My problems started there! I cannot get the project running because I am constantly get the same error saying 'cannot connect to server...connection has been found in database and is valid but cannot find the server...'
I have deleted all connections from the analysis, I have switched every table into HF classic, I have changed in project description that live data is HF classic and reading it from project directory, but still the error comes back.
I have also deleted the code from my Project code, which is describing the connection to server, but still no success.
I have found some samples on this forum which I suppose to put in my project code in order to describe the connection, but that didn't help either.
I also tried to make a new connection to a new server but somehow my database is still trying to connect to 'server' and not to 'newserver'. I'm running out of ideas. Please advise me where to look for the solution. Thanks!

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Hi ´eljko,

Important: you have to define ALL the files in your analysis altogether as being HyperFile Classic only !! If you define the else then your application will be unstble because it's always searching for the database from the analysis !

Now, if all the files are HF Classic then you can change connection to any HyperFileSQL server / database.

See my example-project: http://www.windev.at/downloads/SetupHFClassicProject02.zip

Avoid using REP-file management because it will disturb changing the server / database. You can turn OFF REP-file management. If suitable, you can turn it off in Test-Mode only.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 16.06.2009 07:39
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