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Windows 7 / Deleted file not really deleted!!

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 16.06.2009 10:43

Hi all

This problem is really driving me nuts!! I have some HF Classic files with some data in them stored in \ProgramData\application\data. I delete those files through Windows Explorer, and empty the recycle bin to make sure they are really gone. I then use HCreationIfNotFound to recreate the files and do nothing else. When I check inside the files the data is magically there as per the files I deleted before recreating them!!

I expect it is due to some Windows setting I'm unaware of, as I am finding the HFCS databases which I delete through the control centre magically reappear again a short time later.

Help please!!!

Paul Turner


Hi Paul, Windows Vista + 7 store so called 'shadow copies' of files, this enables the OS to offer older versions of a certain file. Look into Windows Help or ask PC Soft Tech Support. Imho HCreationIfNotFound(..) is the wrong command anyway. Most primitive way for HF Classic is to look whether the file is present by fFileExist(..) and if not, to do an HCreation(..) of the file otherwise a simple HOpen(..). In old times it had been revealed that HCreationIfNotFound(..) is too slow for opening the files of a medium-sized analysis. Furthermore, HOpen(..) offers a lot of information by error codes where HCreationIfNotFound(..) is a bit reduced in that respect plus it offers a delayed opening of files which, in some specific situations, can lead to problems somewhere deep in your code. Kind regards, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 16.06.2009 11:17
Thanks Guenter. I found the problem was actually something called a VirtualStore, which I had never come across before. Time for some study!!

von Paul Turner - am 16.06.2009 13:31
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