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Report Template

Startbeitrag von Joel am 16.06.2009 19:35

Hi All -

Does anyone have a simple method for creating a report template?

All reports that I'll be making will have a 'header' area that will merge information from the particular customer's database. I don't want to have to re-do that section for every report I create.

The approach in the WebDev literature seems a bit convoluted. Any simple ideas?


Hello Joel,

I still use WD12, so I've no experience with report-templates. But for this purpose you also can make a 'header'-report and print it on every pageheader by using 'iPrintReport(RPT_HeaderReport)'.

von Louis Verbraak - am 17.06.2009 06:46
Thanks Louis -

That's exactly what I needed, and I'm still using WD12 as well, did they make that addition to 14?

Thank you very much!

von Joel - am 17.06.2009 17:57
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