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Ann: Hyper-realistic GDImage gauge control

Startbeitrag von Patrice Terrier am 17.06.2009 15:10

This WD12 project, shows you how to create a "hyper-realistic" GDImage 5.00+ gauge control.

It mixes 2D and 3D altogether, with the hability to change the aspect of the lens on the fly.
All the layers are linked together to work as a single entity, you can see it using the mouse to drag the compass and/or using the keyboard with the direction keys.

The widget itself is composed of 4 layers, including one OpenGL 3D sphere animation.

All the visual parameters can be adjusted using the sliders located on the right panel.

Note: you must have a graphic card that is OpenGL 2.00+ compatible to run this project.

Screen shot:

Direct link to download the complete WD12 project.



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