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Should I report Bugs

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 18.06.2009 09:48

Well after using WinDev(12/14) over a year now, I can finally say that I am pretty familiar with the product now and I am ready to go on and try to use it as Java tool along with WebDev and WinDev mobile development.

The problem now is that I am seeing a lot of bugs in the 14 version and I don't know if these are problems in the English version or are they problems in the French version also.
Is there a place where I can see bugs already sent to PCSoft?

The last time I reported bugs directly to PCSoft ( a year ago), it toolk me many emails and phones before support could actually understand my reports. Not only that but even after v14 my reported bugs are still there ....

If anybody is interested, the major bug that hit me this week is the following:
1. Make an analysis with 2 files in a parent-child fashion
2. In the parent create a Full text index
3. Add some data to the files and try to delete a parent that has childs.

You will always get an error that the FullText Index is corrupted ...

Steven Sitas


Hi Steven...

there is unfortunately no place where you can see bugs already reported to PCSoft.

AFAIK, their policy for bugs is to correct first the bugs reported MANY times by users, and then the other ones, as - and here I quote PCSoft's boss during a meeting with french developers a few years back - "when they publish a new version ALL the referenced bugs from the old ones ARE corrected..."
And you can believe as much of that as you want :-)

But in any case, if you do not report a bug, there is very little chance that it will be corrected, so that is that...

Another thing: you should always use their internal tool to report a bug, not the phone or a non formatted email. And you should also always join a test project demonstrating the problem. If you do that, there is no back and forth, just an incident number sent to you with their thanks...

And then you wait :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.06.2009 11:21
I would add that once you get an incident number, you post the bug and incident number on the WxProducts: Reports of malfunctions & bugs forum so that others know it is reported. Then other developers can report additional information if needed and reference that incident number.


von Jeff Graham - am 18.06.2009 12:21
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