Error adding link in analysis - WB 12

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 18.06.2009 22:50

Two links in the WebDev analysis are not showing in the graph display that used to be there. However if I try to add either one, I get an error saying:

Unable to create link.
Error adding link.
Error returned by Hyper File:
Duplicates found for key on file.

Using HF CC the Liaison file does not have duplicates. I have tried Analysis -> Repair the analysis and still have the problem.

Any suggestions on how to fix?



I have found more information:

The liason analysis file is corrupted and re-indexing gets a 70152 error in the HF Control Center Maintenance. Then it says that the file itself is corrupted.

Any ideas on how to fix?


PS to Guenter: This is the same problem Joel posted about today and it is not in the database integrity files.

von Jeff Graham - am 19.06.2009 17:50

Problem Resolved

I resolved the problem with the following steps:

Created a new project with a new analysis.
Copied all items (by lassoing all files and links) from existing analysis
Pasted in new analysis (losing all layout)
Generated analysis.
Closed old analysis.
Copied liason.* from new to old.
Opened old analysis and layout preserved.
Able to add link.

Maybe there is a better way but it worked.


von Jeff Graham - am 19.06.2009 19:22
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