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Active Directory

Startbeitrag von Milton am 21.06.2009 00:56


Has anyone done a project where they read the Microsoft Active Directory database directly? I am trying to get information for a couple of hundred users on our system and it would be easier if I could interrogate the database directly.

Any hints or tips would be appreciated.





I'm very new to WinDev but the docs have a nice section on accessing a LADP directory. Active Directory has LADP access.

Look at the following help topic
"User groupware and LDAP"

Good Luck,

Hyrum Tatton

von Hyrum - am 21.06.2009 03:27
Thanks Hyrum - I will have a look.


von Milton - am 21.06.2009 03:48

There is an example in Windev 14 called "WD LDAP Explorer" wich does what you want. This example reads the entire active directory / ldap. I know that AD isn't the same as ldap but it works.


von Thijs - am 30.06.2009 14:41
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