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"On click" won't work

Startbeitrag von Joel am 23.06.2009 19:08

Hi All -

I'm in Webdev - I was having lots of strange errors in my project so I created a new project, copied analysis in, imported elements, etc. and now everything is working much better - Except...

On my home page of the project, there is a logo with code to make a menu visible when it's clicked on and that won't work. It's browser code, so I put an info statement in there and it never gets triggered. This was working before I started with a clean project - anyone have any ideas?


OK - never mind, there is something wrong with the template, it's as though the most recent version didn't come through the import - I'll see if I can get a later version to come through.

von Joel - am 23.06.2009 20:08
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