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Windev 14

Startbeitrag von Marius am 24.06.2009 04:32

Hi All

I hope this new download will solve our issues.



I am make CORE update on V14. Again test to see what will happen, and...
What I do. I just open some example from PC SOFT and just do this:
1. Few clicks on different objects on window and also on window and choose
2. Description
3. Code

Now, V14 don't quit without message, but display message and than when OK V14 quit.
Like you can see:

But, again I must do this for Piet. :cheers:

von ICI - am 24.06.2009 09:52

Well, you're right. If we are happy we take a beer, if we are sad we need a beer to cheer us up. So it's always appropriate.:cheers:

von Piet van Zanten - am 24.06.2009 13:33
Dear ICI, I believe, you don't have a dongle for your WinDev .. do you??
buy WinDev at: office@windev.at
Gtreetings, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 24.06.2009 20:31
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