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[WD12] Data source as member of a class

Startbeitrag von Louis Verbraak am 24.06.2009 13:08

Hello to you all,

I'm trying to use a data source as a member of a class. In the constructor of the class I use (i.e.):

HExecuteSQLQuery(:m_qBestand,hQueryDefault,"SELECT * FROM MyFile WHERE Code='123'")

When I create a query on this data source in one of the methods of my class, I get an error (runtime) which says not to use the semicolon (i.e.):

"SELECT * FROM "+:m_qBestand

Isn't it possible to use a data source in this way, or am I overlooking something?


Hi Louis
I'm using WD11 but had a similar problem. It appears not to allow an SQL query on a data source. I just use all the standard HRead commands on the data source within the class now and that works fine.



von David Egan - am 24.06.2009 20:48
Hello David,

Thanks for your answer. I'll create a temporary file.

von Louis Verbraak - am 25.06.2009 06:45
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