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OBEX function problems

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 24.06.2009 18:25

I am trying to implement the OBEX/Bluetooth functions and I am having the following problems.

1) It seems that OBEXSendVCard function doesn't work.
The VCard is sent as a file to the mobile phone and it isn't recognised as a valid VCard by windows mobile 5.
If I use Window Vista "SEND to Bluetooth", the same Vcard on the same Mobile works fine.

2) When retrieving phone names with BTInfoDevice, I am getting "Chinese characters" if the phones name is in GREEK. Once again Windows VISTA (English version) has NO problem showing the correct name.

I have tested the above issues with other bluetooth software (like BlueMagnet) and everything works fine. So the problem is with the WinDev functions or my implementation.

I am Using WinDev 14 and MS BT Stack.

Any Ideas?


Hi Steven..

I haven't tested, but I suspect a unicode vs ansi problem that your code would not take into account.

Wndows is using ansi, mobile is using unicode, but the windev functions have a tendency to let YOU translate from one to the other

Worth a try?

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.06.2009 08:39
Hello Fabrice,
I already tried the unicode to ansi translation, but it doesn't work.

thanks for the try.

von Steven Sitas - am 25.06.2009 11:18
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