store the size and the positon of the windows

Startbeitrag von Günther am 25.06.2009 10:16

hello all,

i have a problem!

I work at a small program.
8 employees can data from different computer to import.

the interface can adapt for each employee.

a window displays a table of all the information: name, occupation and address
good for employees A
but employees B need alone the name, not occupation or adress.
i can whit a right click hide the occupation and adress.
but the window displays after each new start again all the information.

by employees C and F saves the program the settings,
but for all other staff will lose the settings.

the solution from my friend

initializtion the project:
InitParameter(paramXML, NoSpace(GLOGebruiker) +".xml")

danke jan:-)

BUT...While there are the files well, and also what is written inside, but the program does not read out again.and now lose employees C and F all settings to.

somebody has an idea?


Hello Gunther

If you want to have different settings for your 8 users then you would end up with 8 parameter files.
After the user logs into your app, their user name, should be the source parameter for the parameter file. InitParameter(paramXML, NoSpace(CurrentUserName) +".xml")

Does your parameter NoSpace(GLOGebruiker) +".xml" represent the current user name ?


von Al - am 25.06.2009 11:42
hi Al,


for each user is generated a file and date and time are correct. The values are stored. but the stored datas do not play out.

GLOGebruiker is string = NetworkUser()
InitParameter(paramXML, NoSpace(GLOGebruiker) +".xml")

yes, its represent the current user name


von günther - am 25.06.2009 12:25
Hello Gunther

It seems you are doing everything right, so maybe the problem is in the fact that you are using the xml option.

I would try again but use the ini file option ?


von Al - am 25.06.2009 12:40
hello Al,

this is perhaps still a possibility.

I will try
thank you for your help :-)


von günther - am 25.06.2009 12:45
Günther ,
I'm storing the usersettings into the database, to avoid having ini/xml files around. Second, I can delete or even change usersettings for every user (which coul be handy for support reasons), without access to his/her local pc.
And it works at least in WD12.

Extra info:
The settings, stored in a string this way, are still in XML-format.
I found that using xml/string is much faster than ini-files, especially when closing screens with a number of tables/loopers.

Some code snippets:
(Tbl_Employees.PersistentValues is a text-memofield.)

gsUserPersistentValues is string // Note: global var

IF HReadSeekFirst(Tbl_Employees,EmployeeID,gnEmployee) THEN
gsUserPersistentValues = Tbl_Employees.PersistentValues

// USe an exception: in at least one case the XML contained an error.....
gsUserPersistentValues = ""

Tbl_Employees.PersistentValues = gsUserPersistentValues
IF NOT HModify(Tbl_Employees) THEN
Error("some error")


von Arie - am 26.06.2009 06:43
hey all,...thanks for all coments and help.

I have my program in WinDev 14 compeliert and now it works. hihi

thank you all :-)

von Günther - am 29.06.2009 08:05
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