Extended DDW (source code contribution)

Startbeitrag von Patrice Terrier am 26.06.2009 12:44

Extended DDW

You probably like the WinDev exclusive DDW feature, however it has some limitations:
1 - It works only with native WinDev controls.
2 - It relies on the graphic card configuration and on the processor speed.
3 - It doesn't work with DirectX nor with OpenGL.

The CreateDDW has been written to work around these limitations, however it must be used only on true 32-bit or 64-bit OS (W2K, XP, VISTA, Windows 7).
It is based on direct call to the low level API, and uses the layerd window extended style.
It could be used with any third party addons, as well as with 3D graphics using DirectX or OpenGL.

The source code is there.


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