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[WinDev12] Problems with HF/CS

Startbeitrag von Marco Rego am 26.06.2009 15:49

Well doctor, I was a happy man. In my infantry I've made my 2 first small applications with HF Local as the database and everything worked just fine, no problems at all, it seems I was dreaming after long years of C# nightmares when I had to code every single detail.

Then I grew up, for my 3rd application, I had to do it client/server, so I decided to code it using again HF and now C/S. As before, did very fast all the Analysis, Windows, Queries, etc., it was all well until the day I started testing the application. First I made it HF Local (the Analysis was done with HF C/S) and when I did it not all the files (.FIC) were generated, hmm strange, but kept on going. Soon I saw that I could not use Stored Procedures on HF Local, so I went back to HF C/S, then more problems appeared, again could not see all the files with HF Control Center, also, could not see my stored procedures stored in the database, I could see and edit the files and stored procedures on the IDE but for some reason they were not showing in the database.
Connection between the files was another problem, they disappeared at least twice and I had to redo it.

I have tried everything I could imagine. Recompile the Project, compile the Analysis, repair Analysis, Synchronize Project and Analysis, Update Hyper Files Data Files, etc., still cannot see all the files and stored procedures on the HF C/S database.

Any doctor could help here please ?



Maybe this thread will help you.



von Arie - am 26.06.2009 16:39
1. define your files as hyper file classic,then in project code describe hf c/s connection,and
switch to than connection with hchangeconnection.
2. in IDE update your stored procedures by opening analysis,then go to - Analysis,
then Hyper File Client/Server,then Update stored elements (for test)
3. to make your files automaticly open witout calling hcreationifnotexist,
go to menu option - Project,then - project description,Click on - Files option,
then check the option - Automatically create the data files if not found when they are

von Novica njagojevic - am 26.06.2009 18:16
Followed your instructions but did not work.
When I update (for test) it says it was successful but nothing happens :-(.

von Marco Rego - am 26.06.2009 20:57
I m confused , could you please explain again,what you want to achieve.

von Novica Njagojevic - am 26.06.2009 22:44
Or send me your example to try.

von Novica Njagojevic - am 26.06.2009 22:45
Marco Rego
Followed your instructions but did not work.
When I update (for test) it says it was successful but nothing happens :-(.

WHAT should happen????

von Jimbo - am 27.06.2009 02:36
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