How do you put field Caption on top

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 28.06.2009 16:32

The normal caption for a field is to the left:

Name : | name data|

due to space contraints I need to put the caption above the data field.

I have looked in > Description > Style ... but did not see any option for Top

I have looked in > Choose Style ... did not see anything there

Is there a way to put the caption above or on top of the data field?

Or ... do I have make the caption blank and then create a static field to display the caption?



Hello Dan

In the Style Tab:
Element: Caption
Position: Outside
Make the control higher and the input area to the left a bit wider.

That should do it.

von Frans - am 28.06.2009 17:45

Thank you for your feedback.

this is close. But the captions is offset to the left of the input field.

How do I get the caption to be directly above the input field?

thank you for you help ...


von Dan M - am 29.06.2009 01:33
Hello Dan

Both the Outside and overlap caption options place the text above the input field.
You can then either drag the left hand side of the input field to the left or select the field and then press the shift key and hold it down, then click on the input body and drag it to the left.


von Al - am 29.06.2009 02:22

Once again you are the man!

You responses are always both informative and complete

Overlap is exactly what I was looking for ...

Thank You...


von Dan M - am 29.06.2009 02:38
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