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[WD12] Problem adding a task to Outlook

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 30.06.2009 15:08

I'm using WD12 and Outlook 2003. If I write a task to Outlook with a startdate and enddate with valid dates (i.e. july 14 or different dates), all looks OK. There is still a problem. I never get a valid enddate in my tasks.

Is it me doing something wrong, is it Outlook 2003 or is this a bug in WinDev?

Has anyone noticed this problem too?


It becoms more strange now. I noticed that if I use i.e. july 4, 2009 as startdate a task is added in Outlook with startdate july 3, 2009. So what date I use, the task in Outlook got a startdate with a value of one day earlier.

Am I doing something wrong ?

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 01.07.2009 11:09

Re: [WD12] Problem adding an appointment to Outlook

Hi Stefan,

I use the following code and i don't have that problem (outlook 2007) :

//Datum11 is an editfield in the window.
//this is the code executed when pressing the button 'btn_outlook

h_sessionid is int = OutlookStartSession("")
IF h_sessionid

von Walter Celerier.pcs.crosspost - am 03.07.2009 07:41

Re: Re: [WD12] Problem adding an appointment to Outlook

Hi Walter,

if I don't set AutoReminder to true, I do not have the problem, but if I set AutoReminder to true, to get a reminder i.e. 15 minutes before the starttime of the appointment, the problem occurs. Have you tried the same thing with the option AutoReminder set to true ?

Can you try it for me, please ?

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 03.07.2009 10:48

Re: [WD12] Dates problem SOLVED

When I use Date-Time values (in format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) the startdate in the task(s) got the exact values. So that problem is solved. It's the same for the mTaskEnddate, the mTask.ReminderDate and the mTask.Deadline !

Take care, in the helpfile (WD12) is as variable type 'date' mentioned and not date and time !

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 13.07.2009 07:25
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