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Command line execution of HFSQL Control Center?

Startbeitrag von M Beaven am 06.08.2014 13:36

Hello all,

I have searched the help files to no avail and am wondering whether the HFSQL Control Center (CC190HF.exe) can be executed using command line switches so as to automatically launch and open a given DB (e.g. -Server, -port, etc.)?

Is anyone aware of whether this is an option and, if so, what the switches are?

Kind Regards,



Hi Marc,

CC190HF.exe seems to ignore any command line switches. It's not built for that. First step: ask PCS Tech Support, perhaps they know something or can suggest a certain path to follow? Second step: analyze the application's events and find out about control names and handles but I wouldn't bet a lot on the success of such an approach. Third step: build a HF-CC clone specifically for the task you want it to perform automatically. In principle, all tasks it performs should have correspondent commands in W-Language, it's a well known approach: PC Soft programmers even invent new W-Language functions in order to satisfy the needs of their utility programmers. So, it shouldn't be too hard to make a clone.

von GuenterP - am 06.08.2014 16:47
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