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Totals on Table Breaks

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 04.07.2009 10:44


I'm wanting to some totals and other calculations on table breaks. So far I haven't found a way to detect which rows are included between break headers and footers.

Has anyone managed to do this? If so, I'd love to know your methodology!

Paul Turner


Hi Paul! back in the land of thunder ?
(greetings to John ,Kev, Lance and ++Tony)

The hook you can use (not always, though) ... In case that you use a WD14 table,looper,treelist control/ an individual break can be created by having a _group by_ query which will give you full control over the breaks.

in case that you want to use it on a report /internal report/ you run out of luck. all you can do then is to parametrize the query which is used then f.i. on several internal reports.


von SuperDude - am 04.07.2009 20:57
Hi Bjoern,

Yes back, down in Melbourne for the time being. Heading back to Queensland some time later in the year.

I'm surprised the PCSoft didn't make the new break feature in the WD14 tables more aggregate friendly. I've tried all the various embed points, but the break seems to happen after the 1st row of the next break section has been read.

Thanks for your help though...


von Paul Turner - am 05.07.2009 04:54
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