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WD12 - printing a total in start-of-document

Startbeitrag von Arie am 06.07.2009 16:47

Hi, one of my customers want to see the end-total get printed in the report-header.
Afaik the report is printed sequentially. Is there a simple way to transfer the end-total (invisible calculated item in the report-FOOTER) back to the report-HEADER?



Hi Arie,

I had a similar problem once. It can't be done the easy way.
You have to calculate this field manually before the header is printed.


von Aad Gouka - am 06.07.2009 18:17
OK. Thanks Aad.
I can do this running by running a query in the report init section.

But: can I use the SAME query, which feeds the report? And re-HExecuteQuery this query afterwards to prepare it for the report?

Of course I could try that, but maybe you know the answer already :rp:


von Arie - am 06.07.2009 18:42
Hello Arie

I think in these cases it is important to always get the total from the report rather than calculate it separately, as you are then protected from any changes that might occur in the data gathering methods.
You could run the report twice. Once invisibly to a file to get the total from the footer and store that value and then again to display it. You can use variables to determine which is the second print run and show the total in the header rather than the footer for the second run.


von Al - am 06.07.2009 21:37
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