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WD14 Combos in Table Columns

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 11.07.2009 04:12


I have a table column which uses a combo as the input control for that column (Edit In Place style). That combo is fed by a query, automatically filled (as in not using hand code), and has more than 1 page of rows coming in from the query, so the combo is scrollable when dropped down. When used on the first row of the table it works fine. However when dropped down from the 2nd or later rows of the table it no longer displays the rows in the drop down correctly, typically when the dropped down contents are scrolled. Some of the rows from the first page are shown on the 2nd, and rows that should be appearing on the 2nd page of the dropped down list don't show at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Any workarounds?


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