Webdev 12 help topic printing turncated, need help please

Startbeitrag von robert zhong am 11.07.2009 13:45

Hi, All

I am very surprised that I can NOT print webdev 12 help topic properly, The long text just simply turncated when printed (missing from the right edge on the page),

You can only choose the paper size (in my case is A4), there is nothing else to choose.
Please help

Robert Zhong


Hi Robert, try 'Landscape' - this is possible to choose in the printer properties .. Regards, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 11.07.2009 15:45
Thank you Guenter!
I have to download the lastest printer driver to get thia "Landscape" feature, it was not availble in the old version. Still not happy with this landscape layout.

But thanks again Guenter.


Robert Zhong

von robert zhong - am 12.07.2009 09:08
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