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Best way to modify User Groupware tables and code

Startbeitrag von issah am 13.07.2009 15:57

The above subject speaks for itself. Don't want to re-invent the wheel. If any postings have been made on this, would be glad for the link.

Jimbo, are you there? You are the expert.




Hi issah,

WHAT do you want to achieve ?

Regards, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 13.07.2009 16:10
I added additional fields to the GPWusers file and then included all the GPW tables in my analysis but the GPW code wasn't seeing these new fields as they were not included in the Data source. Was torn between modifiying the data source and creating my own tables which eventually was the preferred option.

I essentially want to upgrade-proof my modifications. A list of do's and donts would be nice.



von issah - am 13.07.2009 16:26
Hi issah,

I fear that modified User Groupware tables aren't really 'upgrade proof'. This one, amongst others, lead me to the decision to write my own Groupware.

Access to altered Groupware files is done by loading the Groupware Analysis with HOpenAnalysis(..) at runtime. After that the additional file items should be visible to your program.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 13.07.2009 16:50
Thanks for the info. Will stay with my seperate tables strategy.


von issah - am 13.07.2009 17:15
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