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Need to incorporate Slider control in WebDev 14 App

Startbeitrag von John Rushing.pcs.crosspost am 15.07.2009 07:18


I am new to WebDev 14 and am writing an online survey application that needs a Slider control that can be dynamically loaded and "read" from within a WebDev Page.

The page would basically have 4 controls. 2 would be static text controls that would have the Survey Question number and title, the second would be the survey question itself. The Third control would be the slider (javascript, flash, whatever), and the final control would be a "continue" button.

The survey has about 12 questions which are dynamically loaded as the user cycles through the survey using the continue button. Since the range of answers to each question varies (some are a scale of 1-10 with text assignments to each value, others are 1-5 with text assignments to each value and others are ranges like -20 to 180). I need to be able to dynamically load the minimum value, maximum value and step of the slider each time a new question is loaded (e.g when the user hits the continue button). I also need to be able to get a response back from the slider control as and when it changes that specifies its current value.

Basically, I'd like it to work just like the WinDev 14 slider....

Any ideas? Anyone have anything like this?

Many thanks,

John Rushing

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Hi John...

I think that you could achieve what you want with a looper control, either loaded programmatically or via a query for each question

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.07.2009 10:49
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