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Startbeitrag von vicheka.pcs.crosspost am 15.07.2009 07:21

Dear all,
For example, I have a clickable image and I link it to an image on My desktop
and webdev comfirms me to put the image in the _WEB directory and I do but when I run the site => This image is not found => What could I do to solve this problem because when I have a look at the _WEB I saw that image but when run site it is not found what could I do then? Please help!
Best Regards,

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I am guessing that when you are talking about RUNNING the site, you are talking about it AFTER deploying it on another server than the development machine... If my guess is correct, than your problem is probably due to a missing virtual directory pointing to YourProject_WEB in the web server. Create it (possibly restarts the web server afterward) and it should be OK

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.07.2009 10:47
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