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[WD9] Exists something like DB_EXIST

Startbeitrag von Louis Verbraak am 15.07.2009 13:12

Hello to you all,

I copied my code for describing a HFCS-connection from WD12 to WD9. Unfortunately the parameter "DB_EXIST" doesn't seem to work in WD9. Is there another way in WD9 to prevent the server to create a database when it doesn't exist. In WD12 the HOpenConnection returns False if the database doesn't exist.

Here is the code I use:

Thanks in advance.


Re: [WD9] Exists something like DB EXIST

Hi, You just need to use the HListDatabase(connection) commmand to list all the available databases on the HF CS server. The command will return a string with all the available databases, separating each database by a TAB character.
Just remember to use the "Database" parameter as empty when using the HDescribeConnection command, previous to use the HOpenConnection and HListDatabase commands.

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von Eduardo Esteban.pcs.crosspost - am 15.07.2009 15:31

Re: Re: [WD9] Exists something like DB EXIST

Hello Eduardo,

Thanks for your answer. That's indeed another way to find out if the database exists. Because in WD12 there is the "DB_EXIST"-parameter, I hoped there was one for WD9 as well.

von Louis Verbraak - am 15.07.2009 16:01
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