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Can't check box in table

Startbeitrag von Joel am 18.07.2009 15:32

Hi -

In WebDev12, I made a browsing table, each column is linked to a field in a table - except one column that I made as type 'checkbox'. My plan is to do some logic against all rows which are checked. I know I could use Multiple select and just use the ctrlr button, but some of my clients would be thrown off by that, so I'd rather let them select check boxes.

Anyway, when I check a box, it stays checked for a moment and then unchecks itself. I have used this method before, but now can't seem to get it to work - anyone have any ideas?


Re: Can't check box in table

Hi Joel,
I have such table, but this table is Memory. I think it is the best way how to solve it.

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von Alena.pcs.crosspost - am 20.07.2009 13:37

Re: Re: Can't check box in table


This looks similar to a problem I had with a Looper control recently - if the column isn't directly linked to a table, then you need to maintain it manually - for example; using an array and the array element number = the subscript/row number of the table.

von DarrenF - am 20.07.2009 13:47
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