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convert desktop applicatino into web application

Startbeitrag von svetlana M. am 19.07.2009 11:06


Is it possible to convert an desktop application developed in WINDEV into an web application?



If you use WEBDEV RAD yes,otherwise you must code the app.

von Novica njagojevic - am 19.07.2009 13:12

There is a conversion tool coming with webdev just for that, but you can basically forget it.

The logic of a web application is always different from a windev one, and even if the converter was doing a better job than what it is currently doing (don't forget all the types of fields/functions that are NOT available in webdev but that you are using in windev), you couldn't use the end result...

One example is very clear : in windev, you will have the main window opening a modal window opening a modal window ... and so on... Did you eve see a web site doing that?

A web site behavior HAS to be very different to follow the logic of a display made in a browser while the code is executed mostly on the server..

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 21.07.2009 18:09

i must agree with Fabrice: there is a huge difference between a web-app and a windows-app.
We never convert one to the other. The only thing (and that is if your application has a good structure) is that you must try to seperate the business logic from the presentation logic; then you can port the business logic to a web-app en redesign the presentation (the gui).

But... this requires a very structured architecture of the application and as we all know... this is not always the case;
So, my suggestion, if you do not have such a structured architecture, never convert, redesign!

Best Regards

von Geert Debruyne - am 23.07.2009 10:05
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