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Is there a downside to making fields key w/dups?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 21.07.2009 15:12

Hi again -

I find that the Hyper File control ctr, I cant' sort on a field unless it's a key field. I have a bunch of different date fields in a table and occasionally need to sort on them in order to see data, make sure stuff is working, etc.

I have started the practice of just making most date fields key fields. Is there a system performance issue surrounding this that I should be aware of?


Hi Joel,

As far as our experience goes, the extra key fields are not a downside.

However, if you want to sort on many different columns, you are better off with a memory table or working from a query.


von Jeff Graham - am 21.07.2009 16:02
Hi Joel,

If you make the table control based on a file loaded in memory and check the proportional scrollbar, then you can sort on any column, without the need to define additional keys in the database.


von Piet van Zanten - am 22.07.2009 07:17
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