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printing problem with installed application

Startbeitrag von BobPatton.pcs.crosspost am 22.07.2009 06:19

We have a WinDev-developed application we use internally. there are 2 different types of 'print' functionality used in from various points:
1. create a PDF of a report out in a folder
2. create a PDF that is displayed immediately for printing from the viewer

#1 has been a part of the application for a long time and always worked. #2 was added about 4 months ago and worked fine when I tested it from the development environment but would never work from the installed instances - even the instance installed on the same machine that I do development from. It would say "No data to print" even though we had just been looking at a window based on the same report that clearly had data to print (aside from which it worked as expected when launched from within WinDev.

We recently moved some shares from one machine to another and broke the automatic update process of the installed instances so I had to go re-install the application on the user machines. Now printing style #1 is exhibiting the same behavior as #2.

The application was originally developed on version 10. The problem with printing style #2 started while we were on version 11. We took updates to version 12 in May and I was hoping that would fix the problem. The change in our shared drives took place about a month ago causing the problem with printing style #1We took the upgrade to version 14 last week. As far as I can tell, none of the behavior has changed for the better or for the worse because of any version changes.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Thanks for any help.

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