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Need advice for map component

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 22.07.2009 07:02

any ideas of map components, that I can use with Windev mobile ?

Steven Sitas


Hello Steven,

So I do not have a recommendation, but I have a question instead.

I am a long term Clarion Developer and recognize your name from the Clarion forums. I am interested in how you are finding the transition from Clarion to Windev.


von Steve Muller - am 22.07.2009 23:57
Look at ViaMichelin.com

We use the webservices, they are not for free but really fast en reliable...

von Geert Debruyne - am 23.07.2009 10:00
Hi Steve,
I am still doing 90% of my new work with Clarion and YES I have switched to Clarion v7 for all new Clarion work and it works pretty well.
It really took me a long time to understand and feel comfortable with the WinDev paradigm and although I wanted to use only WebDev and WinDevMobile I understood from the beginning that I had to start with learning WinDev.

WinDev v14 is a good product - with a wonderfull IDE - but I think Clarion is in another category by itself. You can make rock solid 32 bit apps, in record time, with beautifull interfaces, total control of the code and importantly FREE (no royalties) Direct access to MSSQL Server.
Ofcourse all this costs (like 3rd party tools) but after 25 years of programming I don't think this as a problem. The only thing I hate is paying runtime royalties ...

So I am really using WinDEV as my 3rd choice (after Clarion and VS 2008) but if I where a little younger (?) things could be different ...

The only real complaint I have for the product is it's total lack of English speaking community and this sometimes realy drives you "crazy".
I can post any question in the Clarion forums and after 5 or 10 minutes I usually get 10-20 replies in my mailbox and a few forum posts also. I even get direct answers from SV developers and from SV CEO directly and this really helps when you have a "problem".

So although there wasn't and won't be any Clarion to Windev transition I am quite happy I finally discovered Windev.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 23.07.2009 10:03
to clarify things, I would like a component so I can use it Offline.
The "perfect candidate" woul be "Map Suite Pocket PC" but this a .net component and I have NO idea how to use it in a WinDev MOBILE app.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 23.07.2009 10:07
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