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Can't get html control in template to populate

Startbeitrag von Joel am 24.07.2009 17:10

Hi All -

I have a page template with a html control in it named STAHTM_Body. I can't get info into that cell -

I have tried it two ways -

First - a link in the template itself with this code:

sCleanDocResult is string = CleanGDoc("ddvxfr7w_255hr38p8f6")
STAHTM_Body = sCleanDocResult

(Info showed that the correct html formatted text is coming through ok)

Then I tried it putting the link on the page that uses the template with the same code and still no go.

Basically - I want one page that changes it's body when a kink is clicked. I suppose I could skip using the template and just put the layout in the home page itself, but then I won't be able to easily change the appearance by calling up a different graphic for the layout of the page.

I hope this makes sense to someone - I'm out of ideas!


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