Length of page dynamically changing

Startbeitrag von Joel am 25.07.2009 18:02

Hi all - IN WebDev12, I'm pulling HTML into a HTML control from a Google Document (I'm doing it that way, because I don't have a good HTML editor made in WebDev12 yet), the length of the document is variable. I have 2 columns down either side to square off the page, but those are fixed in size.

I've tried setting the columns to 100% on the height, but they don't change as the HTML control changes - they just stay fixed.

I tried using the 'HTML_Control..height' property, to find out what the final height is, but that only ever gives me the original height of the HTML control - so that didn't work.

It's almost like I'd need to render the page to find out how long the HTML control is (somehow) and then alter the 2 side columns before displaying the final page.

Any ideas anyone?


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