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For Sale: WebDev 14 English

Startbeitrag von Roger Dunk am 26.07.2009 04:16

I have a copy of WebDev 14 (English) that I no longer require. Make me an offer. Will ship at cost either with or without the manuals.



i can get it for 1300$ new...what's your offer?

von barry mann - am 27.07.2009 01:20
Hi Roger -

I don't know what you paid for it (I'm assuming it was the introductory special offer), but I decided to bypass upgrading since money is tight - but would you accept $250?

von Joel - am 27.07.2009 15:56
I'm guess I'm looking for about USD600 at the moment.

von Roger Dunk - am 29.07.2009 02:17
Well, that's beyond my budget at the moment - which is why I didn't just get the package when they had the special pricing of $500. Let me know if no one bites!

von Joel - am 31.07.2009 16:14
Do you want to exchange the Webdev 14 to my Windev 14... Or any want to buy my windev 14(English)

von Hamba - am 02.08.2009 15:12
I'm only interested in Webdev -

von Joel - am 02.08.2009 15:50
I may be interested in your Windev14. How much do you want for it?


von David Egan - am 06.08.2009 07:03
Hell David Egan..

Thank you for you interest... My windev price is usd 1300

email me at pie_boss@yahoo.com if you interested

von Hamba - am 26.08.2009 13:01
Hi, Roger Dunk and Hamba.

I'm interesting in buying WinDev and WebDev. ¿Do you still have your products for sale?



von Rod - am 01.09.2009 22:27
WebDev is sold, but I have a WinDev 14 English if anyone is interested.

von Roger Dunk - am 03.09.2009 02:02
Hi Roger
How much do you want for it?


von David Egan - am 03.09.2009 18:50
Hi Rod,

My windev is still open for sale... if anyone would like to exchange my windev to webdev, it is priority...

von Hamba - am 04.09.2009 02:50
David - I'm open to offers!

von Roger Dunk - am 04.09.2009 08:56
Hi Roger
Did you get my email (sent to roger AT at.com.au)?


von David Egan - am 08.09.2009 19:55
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