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WD19-Scheduler process similar to on Row Display for Table

Startbeitrag von M Beaven am 13.08.2014 15:43

Hello all,

I've been playing a bit with the scheduler control for the first time and am having a hard time finding a process similar to the row display process of a table. In short, while initializing the scheduler, I would like to be able to execute a procedure for each date displayed in the scheduler. This procedure will require me to pass the respective date from the scheduler control and I am coming up short finding the right way to accomplish this.

Has anyone with more familiarity with the scheduler than myself aware of a syntax to allow code insertion for each respective day as a scheduler is displayed?




Hi Marc,

it is not the most efficient place, but when a scheduler control is refreshed, the code of the internal window of the appointment is executed for each appointment. I use it to display some different time zones in each appointment.
May be, you can use it in some way.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 13.08.2014 18:34

I would fill the scheduler 'by programming' . Then you can do some additional code whenever de date changes. For example by using a query to get all your appointments, sorted by date.
And like Stefan says: go to the internal window option of the scheduler and include it in your project. Then you can put extra code in this window or even add extra controls (I use it to change colors and show extra icons on some appointments).

von Arie - am 13.08.2014 19:25
Stefan and Arie,

I very much appreciate the replies and your insights. I likely will end up needing to change my approach in terms of how my data is defined. Let me better explain what I am trying to accomplish in nothing else for my own benefit as it sometimes helps clear the mind.

The data file I have defined is similar to how a scheduled task is set up in the HFSQL control center. In the HFCC there is a wizard that sets up the schedule based on every month vs some months, every weekday vs some weekdays, etc. But there is no actual task due date (or scheduled date as per our example). Instead there is a service running which checks the current date and time (for example Wed at 8:30) to see if a scheduled task has been defined that meets that time condition. If a scheduled task requirement exits it may fire a procedure or whatever the task may be. Depending on how the task was defined it may do the same thing Thurs at 8:30.

I essentially wanted to use this reference schedule to populate a scheduler control dynamically or "on the fly". In the case of a table if I had 7 rows, one for each day of the week, I could easily on row display check my schedule "requirements" (e.g. 08/13/12014) and for instance turn a given day red if a requirement existed for that day.

I have not found a comparable way to have a scheduler fire code for each date or time slot as it is built. I can likely bind it to an array but I am trying to avoid having to have a data file with each "due date" as opposed to a master task schedule to help populate schedule and schedule recurrence. I also looked into the Repetition variable and that may be an option.

Thanks again for the response, I would still be curious if a code event exists that fires as each time slot in a schedule is created (with or without an appointment for said timeslot) akin to the behavior on table row display.

Kind regards,


von M Beaven - am 14.08.2014 00:15
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