Modifing a table from a looper

Startbeitrag von Joel am 27.07.2009 16:37

Hi all -

I have a looper with a couple of edit fields - when The data in the fields are changed, I'd like the file to change as well - I figure I'll have to use a 'save' button or such. There is no LooperSelect in WebDev - What is the code for doing this modify procedure for loopers? On a side note - can it be done such that if the looper is changed, the table will change without the need of a save button?


Hello Joel

I think by now most us us realise you are primarily working in Webdev and not Windev but it would really make it easier if you could prefix your queries with the product and version number.

Something like [WB14] or WEB14

If you think back a few days to the post from ICI asking about a second forum for Webdev, I think that undefined posts like yours are probably part of the reason for his request.


von Al - am 27.07.2009 21:31
You're absolutely right about that Al - I've been trying to get into that habit, but still forget sometimes - I'll work on it!

von Joel - am 27.07.2009 23:25
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