WD12 - email from print preview

Startbeitrag von Arie am 27.07.2009 19:37

when I try to use the email-button or pdf-email-button, from the print-preview window, my application hangs. This happens only with some of the reports. All others are working fine.
Export to pdf/xm/etc is working fine though, for ALL reports.

Anyone noticed this before? I'm using Vista+Outlook_2003. But I'm getting the same results on a test-machine (XP+outlook_express).



Hello Arie

We get problems in V12 with Outlook 2007 but not Outlook2003 from the print preview but only on two sites - one is XP the other is Vista . I was hoping that V14 might fix it but I am not willing to release major apps in V14 at the moment because of issues with the V14 print preview and a general feeling of unease about it. My intention is to try and remove the Windev Print Preview email buttons and to code my own, at least that way I will be able to trace any problems. With the black box approach of PCSoft to the print preview screen there is nothing you can do when it breaks, which is very frustrating.


von Al - am 27.07.2009 21:42
Thank you Al,
I did have that feeling this would be the answer. Indeed it's a bug, I think.
I tried it with WD14 and then it works. But I don't want to switch to WD14 yet, for the same reasons you mention.
I think I make my own preview window too, which is an option according to the help.


von Arie - am 27.07.2009 21:48
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