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WD 14 SCM and stored procedures.

Startbeitrag von SuperDude.pcs.crosspost am 29.07.2009 07:34

As said in the subject : We have massive problems to use stored
procedures in our SCM environment: My partner (Australia / I France) is
seeing the same stored procedure code! The SCM is hosted on my Server.
On my side everything is working fine. But in case that my partner is
trying to call the stored procedure he is running into trouble. (Runtime
Error) Any ideas ? Any hint is more then welcome.
Message forwarded from pcsoft.us.windev


Hello Bjorn

If it is working your end but not from a remote login, then the problem could be in the method of the remote login so is it worth trying some other connection methods.
e.g if you are connecting using rdp then try a vnc connection or even something like the free version of LogMeIn which establishes a p2p connection.


von Al - am 29.07.2009 11:21
Thanks Al,
yeah VPN ->same result.
Temporary solution : delete the local wdd, regenerate analsysis, recompile program.

Seems to be a bug in WD14

von BLS - am 31.07.2009 09:11
Hi Bjorn

Interesting comment about the recompile. We don't use the SCM so this may not have any relevance, but in V12 I could have several windows open, modify code etc, leave the windows open and unsaved and then do a search and it would find matching items in the currently open unsaved windows but V14 doesn't search in any open unsaved windows so maybe PCSoft have changed something in the way they are managing compiled and checked out items and that change has consequences that are affecting you. I appreciate this observation isn't a solution but it might indicate that a regular shutdown and cpl directory delete may offer a quicker fix than also having to redo the analysis. We delete the cpl directory and recompile about once a week as a precaution, apart from anything else, it gives us time for a chat and coffee on Monday mornings :)


von Al - am 31.07.2009 11:08
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