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Implementing a code editor in WinDev (using Scintilla ?)

Startbeitrag von Gus am 30.07.2009 07:04

I need to implement a code editor. I was looking the Scintilla Edit Control, and it seems like it's a good starting point.
Does someone have a project or an example about how to use this control in WinDev? Any other control like this?

Thanks in advance.



you have the exelent work from BLS with a windev class to pilot scintilla.
it work fine and i use it in the SQLManagerX data center to colorize SQL syntaxe


best Regards

von Firetox - am 30.07.2009 08:21
Hello Björn, Firetox:

Unfortunately, the download is no longer available.
Could you, please, send me a copy to gussabina@yahoo.com ? I would really appreciatte it.

I'm trying to implement an IDE with code editor, but the most important feature should be the Autocompletion (or Intellisense). I was looking at the Scintilla api and apparently there is a way to detect some words via events, and then trigger the autocompletion droplist with my own data. So I would like to spend some time on that.
Any other contribution that could help on this, it would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


von Gus - am 30.07.2009 18:48

here a link for the project i have dowloaded and include in SQLMAnagerX Data Center
but perhaps it' not the end version (if BLS read this)


best regards

von Firetox - am 31.07.2009 06:47
HI Gus,
I can send you the latest release of the scintilla wrapper this weekend.
(This release wraps all scintilla messages, the one which Firetox is using wraps only a fraction)

In case that you want to support a language that is already supported by scintilla like C Java, Python etc, you simply have to tell scintilla which one u want to use ,
SET_LEXER message plus language constant.
In case that you want to support f.i. W-Language, then you have to use again the SET_LEXER message with generic language constant.
However : Syntax coloring is pretty straightforward. On the other hand : cold folding requires a lot of programming.
do not hesitate to contact me in case that you need more information..
nanali at wanadoo (dot) fr
oh, maybe I publish the scintilla wrapper on the new pcsoft board.

von BLS - am 31.07.2009 09:02
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