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How do you link to a detail page from a Table in WebDev 12?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 30.07.2009 17:37

I have a table of part numbers displayed in a table.

I want the user to be able to click a specific line (part number) of the table and go to another page which now details the specific part number and more information about it?

thanks ... Dan


This WebDev is a bit different than the WinDEV !!!

So here is what does not work ...

1. Creating a table in AJAX mode . You can see all the records in the table and scroll but you cannot get to the link column.

2. By unchecking the AJAX mode you can now get to the link column check box. Once that was checked now I could get to the Action & Destination fields.

3. I tried "Other Actions" but I cannot pass parameters when I select "Display HTTP Page"

After that I clicked back on the AJAX Mode and now I get the following error when I click on a column heading in the table ...


You don't have permission to access /WD120AWP/WD120Awp.exe/CONNECT/PAGE_InventoryDetail/ on this server.

I am guessing I need to figure out what function to use to open a new http page and pass it parameters ???

Can anyone point me in the right direction ... please


von Dan M - am 30.07.2009 22:02
Where can I locate the "Server Click code of a table" ?

I think I need to use the following code ...


but when I go into the code for the table the closest to "CLICK" code is ...

Click(Onclick) of TABLE ... (browser)

Am I looking in the wrong place ?

Any ideas ...


von Dan M - am 30.07.2009 22:27
So, IT looks like I have figured out how to link to a detail page at the expense of AJAX and the balance of the records returned from the query. The table only displays 15 lines at a time and the query returns more than 50 records...

But in order to get from the table to the detailed page I had to :

1. Take the table out of AJAX Mode

2. Create a button with the following code in the Click of Button (Server Code)

PageDisplay(PAGE_InventoryDetail, TABLE_QRY_InventorySearch.part_number,TABLE_QRY_InventorySearch.manufacturer)

3. Next I made the button invisible

4. Select a column to make the link column, go to description > details then check the link column and under Actions ..."Run click code of Server for Button XX.

That seems to have done the trick ...

hope this help someone else .... Dan

von Dan M - am 30.07.2009 23:33
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