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How do you add a static link or button to a tableline?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 31.07.2009 13:32

I want to have a link or button on every line of a table for the user to click on to drill down to more detailed information.

How do you add this type of repetitive control to each line of the table?

It seems like to only data I can show in the table is from the File or Query?


product 1 qty1 |Button- BUY NOW| or a text link saying Buy Now

product 2 qty2 |Button = BUY NOW| or a text link saying Buy Now

etc ...


I am not a WebDev person - too complicated!!!!!!!

This sounds like you need a looper control in place of the table.



von DerekT - am 31.07.2009 14:05
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