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WD 14 Databinding

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 31.07.2009 14:45


Not a problem, but a positive remark about WD14.
I have been implementing a table linked to an array of structures (in a class). This appears to work like a charm and indeed, it saves loads of typing.
Another huge advantage is that you can easily transfer a table line to a structure. (str_Buffer=ar_MyTable[nRow] ) This enables you to do various manipulations that were a very cumbersom job with table lines:

compare two lines in a table
(or swap in some cases) e.g. I had a table where I wanted to check if all columns of two lines were equal, except for the date. Now I can simply put both lines in a structure, set the date equal and us a simple str1=str2 condition to check equality.

use arrays as members of the structure
No need to use indirection on table columns. The use of subscripted columns in a table is an option that anyone that ever tried it will agree that it really sucks, so I always use col_Item_1, col_Item_2 etc.

After manipulating simply refresh the table.
I must say this is a big step forward and I'm really happy with this feature.
Next on my wishlist is to be able to transfer a file buffer to a structure and vice versa.
Something like hCopyFile(MyFile,str_Buffer (or is that already possible in some way?)



Of course I still have some 4 or 5 crashes a day.....
So let's not get overenthousiastic. Still waiting for the ultimate upgrade.


von Piet van Zanten - am 31.07.2009 15:06
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