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Unicode Strings ??

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 02.08.2009 02:45

I imported / converted a MySQL table of inventory records into HFSQL.

Now when I go to the Analysis > Inventory Table and try to create a composite key on 2 fields (Part number - Manufacturer) below the table it says ...

One or more 'Unicode string' items are found in the file. these strings cannot be used in the composite keys.

WHY NOT? or ... how do I convert it to something that will be allowed and what would that be?

NOTE: The manufacturer field is defined as TEXT 40 (length)

Next I go to the WDMAP - Data View

I select the Inventory Table, from the menu I choose ...

Display > Selection of Records > Wizard > (Select the manufacturer field) > and choose "Contains the String"

I get an error telling me that "manufacturer" is a numeric"??? and that "contains a string" does not apply to numeric values?

I am looking at the data in the data view and it is all TEXT?

Any ideas?

thanks ... Dan


Hello Dan

I have not had to deal with unicode but I would imagine that you would have to define the field as Unicode in the file. In the analysis, when you define a text field, the text sub-type box is a dropdown with options for String,Character,Unicode etc.


von Al - am 02.08.2009 03:53

You are always a wealth of knowledge ... THANK YOU !


von Dan M - am 02.08.2009 13:41

When I imported / converted the data from MySQL to HFSQL the data for certain text fields was imported as Unicode. I did not specify this.

Unicode text fields cannot be used to create composite indexes.

Thereforethe idea have have 2 test fields creating unique record in a compsite field cannot happen.

You can change the subtype from Unicode to String.

Once this is done, WinDev will run as utility to update the analysis and then ...

You can now use the fields in a composite index !!!!

NOTE : I did not try any other formats other than string

von Dan M - am 03.08.2009 12:34
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