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How do you import CSV data to an existing HFSQL table?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 03.08.2009 12:28

I have a data file (table) called supplier inventory. We need to update it daily from several suppliers.

Sometimes the data is completely new, sometimes it is updates (quantities and prices change).

I need to append data (new records) and update data of existing records (such as quantity and price).

What are the functions I should be looking up in the help system to figure out how to do this?

What is the process?

Thanks ... Dan


Hi Dan,

See my example that imports to a Countries HF data file in the Windev Solutions forum on this Mysnip site:

Obviously, it's a different file but the technique is the same.

It doesn't do an update at the moment, so you'll need to do something like this - Hopefully, the file you receive will have a field that uniquely identifies an inventory item such as a SupplierID/ProductID for example. So, in the code within the FOR loop, you'll need to add a HReadxxx statement (which ever suits your purpose-probably HReadseek), and test IF the supplier/product combination exists in your HF Inventory file. If it exists then you'll just HModify the fields you need to (quanity & price?). However, if the product doesn't exist you'll want to HAdd the new Inventory.

Oh, and don't forget - you won't need the HCreation statement!

Hope this help...

von DarrenF - am 03.08.2009 12:51
Hi Dan,

HImportText is actually importing a CSV file. But if you need real sync. check how to do it in the help. See keyword "Replication" and maybe "Universal Replication".

I hope this helps.

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 03.08.2009 15:35
Hello Dan

Sometimes it is easier to open csv files in Excel, resave them as an xls file and then use the Windev Excel functions to handle them.


von Al - am 03.08.2009 21:04

Yes... sorry, I missed that step from my description above - I did the CSV to Excel conversion in my head... oops

My example works from an Excel format...

von DarrenF - am 03.08.2009 21:22
Hi Dan,

I put a solution how to import CSV data
see on:



von Toddy Utomo - am 04.08.2009 03:54
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