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Tab Control

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 05.08.2009 19:17

Hi All
I have a tab control and when a tab gets clicked I need to execute some code depending on which tab is clicked. I hit F2 but there are only 2 events. There has to be a click event for the tabs or a tab activated or something. What am I missing here. Thanks for any help.


Hi John,

Wouldn't you put it in the "Whenever Modified of Tab" area such as -

SWITCH Combined.Tab1
CASE 1: Execute MyCode1
CASE 2: Execute MyCode2
CASE 3: Execute MyCode3
Execute MyCode1

In the example above I have 3 tabs.


von Milton - am 05.08.2009 20:06
Thanks Milton, I didn't modify any data and going by the help file that was only when it fired is when you change some data or something. So I guess when you changed the tab that is considered modifieing the tab control. Thanks for your help.

von John Marrone - am 05.08.2009 20:24
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