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[WD12] HCreationIfNotFound and HFCS

Startbeitrag von Louis Verbraak am 06.08.2009 11:03

Hello to you all,

In my analysis I've definied all my tables as HF Classic. When I first start my project using HFCS I would like to use the statement HCreationIfNotFound() for all my tables. I get the following error:
A file located on a Hyper File server and a file not using the client/server mode are linked by a referential integrity constraint (<Constraint_Afdelingen_Personeel>). This is not allowed.

Even when I use the HNoLink-parameter this error occurs.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Louis,

See Guenter solution about HF Classic and HFCS on:



von Toddy Utomo - am 06.08.2009 11:22
Hello Toddy,

Guenter's project is an example to switch between HF Classic and HF CS by using an INI-file. I use this myself as well. The problem occurs when creating a file in HFCS on which there is a link (constraint) to another file.

Thanks for your time.

von Louis Verbraak - am 06.08.2009 11:55
Hi Louis...

it seems to me that:
- you are looping on all files
- for each file changing the type of connection to HFCS
- and in the SAME loop doing the hCreationIfNotFound

the error is to do it in the same loop, as some of the file are now defined in HFCS, and some still in HF classic, and links between the 2 are not supported as stated in the message

So either do a hcreationifnotfound("*") AFTER the end of the loop, or do 2 loops one after the other, one for the connection, one for the creation

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.08.2009 12:23

Re: [WD12] HCreationIfNotFound and HFCS - THANKS

Thanks Fabrice,

That's indeed what I was doing.

von Louis Verbraak - am 06.08.2009 12:46
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