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WB12 - Table in a Looper Control

Startbeitrag von Joel am 07.08.2009 20:30

Hi there -

Is it possible to put a table in a looper control, and if it is - how? When I try to put the table in the looper control, it just sits on top of the looper.


Hi Joel,

Interesting question. I could not do it in WB12 or WB14 but I could do it in WinDev14 because one of the new features is container columns in tables. As I understand it, loopers and tables are variations of the same control. But WebDev controls don't have all the functions of WinDev controls. I had a lot of problems getting loopers to work correctly with AWP pages.

However, in WebDev 12 you can add a tree control to a looper. Maybe you can show the data you want that way.

Any other comments by looper specialists?


von Jeff Graham - am 08.08.2009 14:10
Hi everybody...

i've seen in a french forum that somebody was able to add a table in a looper by putting the table into a supercontrol, and putting the supercontrol in the looper... Then by sending the data to the supercontrol which was filling the table... I don't remember if it was windev 12 or webdev... But I'm guessing windev...

I have a tendency to find that adding a table inside a looper is kind of an overkill of data to be read at one time... Most of the time, a 'details' button is enough to access the info WHEN it is needed (ie rarely)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.08.2009 14:33
Thanks all!

Being that I'm a novice at this, I don't think I'll try something so fancy - but I like the idea of a 'details' link!

von Joel - am 08.08.2009 15:28
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