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Right align a string

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 08.08.2009 18:13

Hi All
Does anyone know of a function in WD that would right align a string. I want to print some numbers in a column like so:->


Does WD have a function for this. StringBuild or StringFormat doesn't. Does it exist or am I going to have to do it the hard way.
Like String?(123.45,"XXX.XX"). Thanks for any help.


Hello John

Peter Holemans has posted a nice string handler class on the Windev repository.


von Al - am 08.08.2009 22:05
Hi John

2 things:

- the .xx is obtained by using the proper format for the table column
- the righ alignment is done by selecting right align in the STYLE of the COLUMN (which can be different than the style of the table

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.08.2009 22:13
Hi John,

in a report it's easy, because you can define the item / static as right-aligned by

MyItem..HorizontalAlignment = haRight or haLeft or haCenter

if you're printing using iPrint(..) then you have to do it yourself!

W is 4-byte real // will contain the width of the text
R is 4-byte real = 120 // this is the right margin of the column to be printed in mm
N1 is 4-byte real = 123.45 // this is the first number to be printed
N2 is 4-byte real = 34.56 // this is the second number to be printed
V is 4-byte real = 100 // vertical position of the first line to be printed from top in mm


W = iTextWidth(iFont(4),NumtoString(N1,"6.2f")) //

von Jimbo - am 09.08.2009 06:22
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